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As Founder and President of this charity, this is to apprise you about the work that the Katsha Foundation has done so far in reaching out to some of the poorest parts of the world including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.

The Foundation is actively engaged in providing assistance to the masses in these countries so many of the less fortunate of them can help manage their day to day affairs in a better manner, relatively speaking.

The Foundation has provided and continues to provide for those people who find themselves ankle-deep in the clutches of poverty and have to face a lot of trouble trying to make ends meet.

Poverty is a detestable thing for any human being as it can be absolutely unforgiving and treacherous for any sane man and bring him to the brink of insanity! Dealing with such an issue as much as possible is what the Foundation has geared itself up for so that it can be a source of genuine help for the people who are in dire need of any and every help that they can get their hands onto. This is so they can lower their long list of problems by a small measure even.

The foundation would be happy to provide that help that it can to allow the individuals to feel better and to exhaust some of their worries at least, which would definitely be something soothing and relaxing for them.

Uganda and other African Countries are instances of countries where there is poverty to be seen at an alarmingly high level. The foundation resultantly keeps these countries on its list of first priority so it can help the poor there as much as it possibly can.

The projects initiated by the Katsha Foundation in these countries are on-going as it has a long-term commitment to the benefit and well-being of the people there and it vows to not leave them alone in their time of distress.

The Foundation on its part requests you to bring in a helping hand for the betterment of these people who have to face a lot of hardships in their daily lives.

Your help and support though not much in your view can possibly translate into a huge gift for an individual living in these countries for whom even a small such donation would be huge and useful!

So, therefore, you are requested to come forward and help those in need of assistance so that they can spend one better day in their lives and have reason to smile more that day!





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