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The Katsha Foundation, founded in 2016, is a charitable organization that has a goal of providing help in a number of situations for the needy worldwide. The foundation was founded by Shafique Katumba aka Katsha De’bank who was born in Mulago, Kampala in Uganda.

                       Mr. Shafique Katumba

Shafique Katumba is a programmer, internet entrepreneur, investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. He is also the founder of the Katsche technology Group which control in excess of 50 companies!  Shafique Katumba has also been dubbed as the Warren Buffet of Uganda.

The Katsha Foundation is a ray of hope for the needy who do not have others to assist them in their hour of need. The foundation literally acts as their benefactor, providing them with relief so they can help themselves in the difficult situation that they are in and lower their worry and anxiety levels.

The Katsha Foundation was aimed to become an organization that works in different parts of the world and offers relief where needed, especially in areas where there is a lot of poverty. This is because the abundance of poverty implies two important things at least. One is that there are many who are in need of assistance. The other thing implied is that in such countries, there is most certainly a shortage of donors who can provide emergency or instant help when it is needed by the poverty struck individuals.

This is where the role of the Katsha Foundation comes into play and where it can do its part in helping the people who look for external help to be able to fight poverty.

Also, such people need help in the form of medical treatment and medicines whenever there is an outbreak of diseases that prove to be deadly and result in a number of casualties.  Such an aid might possibly be needed on a regular basis because from one epidemic stems another owing to the poor cleanliness and hygiene practiced by people in such areas.

The organization further shoulders the responsibility of educating and stressing upon people the importance of staying clean and keeping their homes tidy for the sake of avoiding germs and bacteria from taking strength and attacking them in the form of one disease or another. Teaching them how to cook hygienically is also required so that they do not intake harmful bacteria and germs as part of their daily diet. These and many other activities are part of the activities performed by the Katsha Foundation and all of this needs funding to be able to compete effectively and as successfully as possible.

The foundation, therefore, brings about these issues to the notice of all those who may be reading this so they can help the foundation help those who are in need of assistance in many different forms and look towards its good offices and personnel to provide them with it.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Katsha Foundation is to play its part in fostering a healthy society that has a focus on constructive development. It aims to achieve this through education, sports, as well as economic assistance wherever needed.


The vision of the Katsha Foundation has many facets to it and is inclusive of a number of goals that the foundation has set for itself for helping out the needy.

One of them is to actively work towards helping individuals achieve the essential goals of their life, including education, sporting a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Katsha Foundation hopes to continue providing such multi-faceted help to people in general in the long-term so they can rest assured that it has pledged its support to them for a practically unlimited period of time and that they can trust it for providing for them consistently and be around when they need it.

Not only that but the Foundation also intends to add to the list of categories in which it offers aid to individuals in general so it can lend an even greater amount of help for the well-being of the society into the future.

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