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Education is an important element of life and must therefore be pursued as energetically and vigorously as possible. Education has a number of benefits to offer anyone who is highly educated and therefore he must not let go of it come what may. If an individual is facing trouble in arranging the tuition fee for his education then he must fight for it and try and arrange it from any legit source possible. He must therefore try hard to ensure that his education is not compromised and that he is able to complete it to his satisfaction.

The thing about education is that it can help provide the right mix of skills to an individual so he is able to work and therefore able to afford himself and his family. Education can help him find the job he desires so he can work in a field that he sports the interest for.

Therefore, education is something which any individual must pursue and not leave behind but instead actively fight for acquiring it so he is not left behind others in becoming educated.

Katsha Foundation would play its role on its other side so that the two sides match up and the individuals who are facing problems in financing their education can solve them with the funding they expect to acquire from some individual or aid agency.

The idea is to help individuals be successful in being educated and not lose out on it in any way whatsoever.

Shafique Katumba on Education

The foundation collects funds from the well-off so it can distribute them to individuals in dire need of funds for continuing their education. This is so that they are not forced to discontinue with their education as a result of lack of funding available. These funds are made available in the form of scholarships that are awarded on the basis of merit to the most talented individuals. These scholarships can prove to be extremely useful and helpful for such individual who are fighting for their education!

There are many people who need funds for their education owing to the high price of education these days. However, with the benefits that the expensive education has to offer to those individuals, the Foundation would try its best to help as many individuals as possible to get the education that they need so badly so they can become financially independent and are able to afford themselves well.

Also, when any such individual successfully becomes independent, then he can add to the donor list of the Katsha Foundation and help others who are in a situation they once were. They can do this by donating a handsome amount each quarter for the education expense of an individual seeking financial aid for his education.


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