Mr. Katsha De’bank Biography

Mr. Katsha De'bank

Mr. Katsha De’bank at Serena (UG)

Shafique Katumba alias Katsha De’bank is an internet entrepreneur, investor, programmer, business magnate and philanthropist. He is also the founder of the Katsche Technology Group which controls as many as fifty [50] companies.

Nickname: “Money Lord | Mr Money Man (MMM)”

Date of Birth: May 29, 1988

Birthplace: Mulago, Kampala, Uganda

Residence: Sandhurst, Sandton, South Africa


Katsha De’bank is also known as the “Warren Buffet of Uganda”. Shafique Katumba is the founder of a number of companies and worked hard to accumulate lot of money. He has invested in a number of companies through which he has earned millions of dollars, so much so that his wealth has reached a net-worth of US$18.8 million Dollars. It is owing to his skyrocketing financial success and accumulation of millions of dollars that he has been given the title of “Warren Buffet of Uganda”. Shafique Katumba has earn’t most of his fortune from sectors such as real-estate, finance, technology and hosting. He says that he continues to work hard on his projects and therefore continue to earn from them. Shafique Katumba aims to increase his projects into the future as he is always looking ahead, trying to make the best out of his time and efforts to bring out a productive output for himself and his business projects.


Early life:

Mr. Katsha De’bank standing next to his Gold Lamborghini and Bentley. Uganda, Kla

Katsha De’bank (Shafique Katumba) is the second born to Mrs. Monica Kabali and the late Al Haji Nasri Sekitoreko.

Katsha De’bank completed his primary school education from Catherine Primary School and was the only student in the Kayunga district to get a Distinction (D1) in Mathematics in Kangulumira in the year 2002.

After completing his primary education, Shafique Katumba then proceeded to completing his high school education at Yale High School in Kayunga around 2003, but later completed his High school at Saint Pontiano Ngondwe Senior Secondary School around 2006.

In addition to all of that, Shafique Katumba is also the founder as well as the owner of, and These are a couple of many projects which Shafique Katumba is running.

Further to this, Shafique Katumba is also the head of Katsha International College in South Africa which has as many as five [5] branches while its head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa. The college is said to be of international standard which provides high level education to both the locals as well as students from other countries of the word. The five branches of the college attend host a large number of students who study any of the many courses that are taught by high profile teachers.

Mr. Katsha De’bank outside his Office in Sandton, Sandhurst

Also, Katsha De’bank is the founder as well as CEO of “The Money Team Africa (TMT)”. There are also other members of TMT Africa who have partnered to work with Shafique Katumba. The following is a complete list of people running TMT Africa:

  • Shafique Katumba, CEO and co-founder
  • Fredrick Sekyanja, co-founder
  • Prince Shahzad De’bank, member
  • Shakira Debank, member
  • Immran MB, member
  • Miles Rwamiti, PR
  • Dennis Muwanguzi, Organizer

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