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All people are requested to donate generously to Katsha Foundation to help it fund its activities.

Every day, in some of the poorest countries on the globe, the Foundation is involved in helping somebody out of poverty, in providing emergency relief from the onslaught of floods, from hurricanes, from famine, and more.

As a world citizen, we should all share the burdens that other people are facing on any part of the globe. This is because humanity is what connects us as human beings and what brings us closer to each other.

Your donation would be one piece in many and piece by piece we would be in a position to help a large number of people who may be in any kind of distress and therefore in need of help.

On its part, the Foundation would try to ensure that your aid reaches the people whom it is intended for so that you can have the satisfaction of having had helped the people who were genuinely in need of your donation.

The Foundation would share the feeling of having had connected the dots by bringing together the donors and those in need of the donation, to its own happiness and satisfaction.


Be advised that taking care of your donation is a wise thing to do so that you get the satisfaction that the money has been wired safely to the Foundation and the Katsha Foundation is assured about the payment reaching it safely.

The Foundation, therefore, recommends to its donors to opt for the use of PayPal when sending any donations to it. This is because PayPal is a payment service which is internationally recognized and trusted around the globe for its transparency and professionalism.

However, the Foundation understands that there are certain countries in which PayPal may not be available, for which donors can contact the Katsha Foundation via email and it would let them know of the most suitable alternative payment methods to send it money for assisting the needy.

The Katsha Foundation’s donors are apprised that with their donations, they would be helping somebody make his situation better and come out of a crisis or get a daily ration which he needs to be able to cook a meal for himself and his family.

Remember also that what goes around comes around and so those helping others would also reap the benefits of having had helped someone in the time of his need as Allah would reward them handsomely for their efforts inshallah.


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