What we do

The Katsha Foundation is geared towards promoting education, entrepreneurship, as well as health related activities among communities in a bid to help them remove the socioeconomic hardships that they face, like poverty, et cetera.

One of the main objectives of the Foundation is to allow poor families to help finance the education of their children.

The Foundation believes that education is an element which has far-reaching consequences and therefore realizes the importance of financing the education of children from families who cannot afford it themselves.

Then there are also other areas that the Katsha Foundation is concerned about and works for, which include health and well-being. The Foundation believes that it has a moral responsibility to intervene where there are families that cannot run well without its active presence in their lives.

The foundation understands that health holds paramount importance no matter what the color, size or race of any family in any community. Therefore, if there are communities that are facing low hygiene and subsequently health related issues then the foundation would spring up to its feet to help them overcome those problems as effectively as it can.

In addition to that, community development in the form of encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship to help overcome joblessness are projects that the foundation deals into for the sake of helping improve the overall socio-economic conditions of communities at large.

The foundation is of the opinion that it is with funding these real issues in communities that it can help reduce the many problems which they face because the communities themselves are unable to bring about change at such a huge level owing to an absence of funding available as well as a lack of disciplined efforts at their end.

Katsha Foundation is the understanding that with the tools, the financing, and the trained people that it has allows it to sport a strategic asset of being able to achieve a lot for communities which they eagerly look forward to for the purpose of genuinely improving their overall socioeconomic conditions.

The Foundation, therefore, jumps into the picture, realizing how important and essential its efforts are and how they are welcomed by communities on their part as they see a ray of hope for an improvement in their standard of life. They see possibilities of a better future ahead with the results of the efforts that are undertaken by the Katsha Foundation.

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